Cupping massage is een diepwerkende massage, vergelijkbaar met bindweefselmassage. Het maakt verklevingen los, voert afvalstoffen en vocht af en brengt zuurstofrijk bloed naar stagnerende spieren en de huid. De behandeling heeft een geweldige, ontspannende en helende werking.

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What is a cupping massage?

A cupping massage is a massage that uses cups made of glass, silicone or other material. These cups are placed on the skin and vacuum drawn.

This vacuum can be obtained in various ways, for example with a pump. The vacuum lifts the skin and subcutaneous connective tissue into the cup. This ensures that the blood flow in the treated area increases significantly. You can also use these cupping cups to loosen adhesions in the connective tissue.

When do you do a cupping massage?

A cupping massage can be a stand-alone massage. But cupping massage can also be done as part of a different type of massage, such as a sports massage, complaint-oriented massage or connective tissue massage. Cupping massage can be used to reduce complaints. But a cupping massage is also recommended to promote the recovery of muscles and skin after exercise.

The demand for cupping massage is increasing. Offering cupping massages can therefore be a good extension of your massage practice!

More and more people are also doing cupping at home. This is mainly aimed at reducing cellulite. 

Cupping Massage
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