Collection: Nasara Kinesiology Tape

Nasara kinesiology tape

Nasara Original Kinesiology Tape is one of the most successful and best quality skin tapes available on the global market.

Therefore Nasara Kinesiology Tape

  • Made from durable, breathable quilted material for maximum wearing comfort and comfort
  • Basic 96% Superior Quality Cotton, 4% Spandex
  • Similar elasticity for skin and muscles
  • Applying glue with eudermic acrylic glue
  • Breathable, water-repellent
  • Available in 10 colors
How to use the different colors
  • Pink is known as a warm color, it helps improve blood circulation, boosts energy
  • Blue is known as a cold color, it calms and helps to relax, energy is numbed.
  • Beige is neutral.
  • Orange has a positive, clarifying effect.
  • Purple helps to complete the color choice.