Collection: Acutop Premium - The tape for professionals and athletes!

Acutop Premium Kinesiology tape

Acutop Premium Kinesiology Tape is a high quality product used, this composition allows us to use this tape for all applications including difficult areas where sweat or water put a lot of stress on the tape. It's the skin tape we recommend for therapists, medical professionals and athletes. Due to its high quality, it has a bonding time of 5 to 8 days.

That's why Acutop Premium

  • Made of high-quality latex-free cotton (97% cotton and 3% elastane)
  • 130-140% elasticity, similar to human skin elasticity
  • This tape has hypoallergenic adhesive on the adhesive side and is also thermoplastic, expands with heat and contracts with cold
  • Water-repellent and resistant with great adhesive strength, even when bathing or showering.
  • Comfortable to wear, breathable and with very good dermatological tolerance.
  • The adhesive layer is marked to facilitate cutting and preparation of the tape measure.
  • Does not leave sticky marks on the skin.
  • CE Certificate

How Acutop Kinesio Tape works

 Correct application and the above properties create a lifting effect on the upper skin. This causes pressure reduction, which means that Acutop has an influence on:

  • Support joint function
  • Stimulate blood and lymph circulation
  • Improving muscle function and skin structure
  • Pain Relief
  • (Post) treatment of injuries (to the musculoskeletal system)

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