Collection: The best sports tape of 2021 - Acutop Pro Sport

The best sports tape of 2021 - Acutop Pro Sport

Acutop Pro Sport Tape is an elastic tape with 30% more adhesive power. That makes Acutop Pro Sport the perfect choice for treating sports injuries or sports-related complaints. Acutop Pro Sport is also suitable for treating complaints where more adhesive strength is desired, such as hands and feet. Acutop Pro Sport can also be used preventively during sports. 

Athletes choose Acutop Pro Sport because:

  • The AcuTop Pro Sport Tape is a synthetic silk tape with a particularly strong fabric structure for higher loads.
  • Provides extra support during sports practice.
  • Elastic sports tape with 30% more adhesive strength and good skin compatibility.
  • Breathable and particularly water resistant, suitable for heavily sweating users.
  • Pleasant wearing comfort.
  • The tape contains no active ingredients and is latex-free.
  • Manufactured in our ISO certified factory in South Korea
  • Sports carers and physiotherapists make extensive use of this sports tape.


Available in different colors: Black, Green, Pink, Blue, Beige and Purple.