De ontspannende werking van oorkaarsentherapie

The relaxing effect of ear candling therapy

ear candles, have you ever heard of it? The first time I saw ear candling I wasn't sure what to think. A candle in your ear? How does that work? 

If you are interested in trying the ear candle, it is advisable to read this blog article. It is important that the ear candle treatment is carried out correctly.

What is an ear candle?

An ear candle is a kind of hollow candle, which is usually made of fabric (often cotton or linen) inside. On the outside, as with regular candles, the ear candle is covered with wax, usually pure beeswax. Often herbs with a relaxing or medicinal effect are also added to ear candles.

For example, honey, sage and chamomile have been added to the Biosun Ear Candle. Like regular candles, ear candles have a wick to ignite the candle. A line on the candle shows up to where you can let the candle burn. †

You mainly use an ear candle when you want a moment of pure relaxation. Have you had a busy day? Then the use of an ear candling therapy can be an ideal moment of relaxation.

Find a quiet and safe place, provide a soft surface and lie with your head in a comfortable position on one side, so that you can insert the ear candle vertically in the ear. It is recommended to always use the ear candle in the presence of someone else.

That person can light the candle, hold it and keep an eye on it. For extra protection against sparks, cover your head and hair with a towel as well.

Most ear candles also have a protective disc, which should protect your ear and face from hot drops of wax. Once lit, the candle will burn for approximately 10 minutes. 

What is the function of an ear candle?

During a treatment with ear candling or ear candling therapy, a kind of "candle" is placed in the ear. The ear candle is then lit, the heat that is released when burning the ear candle activates the blood circulation in the external auditory canal and stimulates the removal of waste. In addition, it reduces the pressure in the head with headaches, colds and inflammation of cavities, among other things.

Ear candles have been used for centuries for various ear complaints. Ear candles stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow in the ears, throat, nose and sinuses. They work deeply into the acupuncture points located deep in the ear, the eardrum, the middle ear and the vestibular system.

Ear candling therapy has a locally activating, pressure-regulating, revitalizing and relaxing effect and stimulates the energy circulation. The effect of these candles is further enhanced by massaging the auricles and lymphatic vessels under the ear with energy cream, a bio-energetic cream from Metathec. The treatment with ear candling can be used in various circumstances. It is most effective for:.

Frequent inflammations in, or irritations of, throat, nose, forehead and sinuses.

During the combustion of the Biosun opposite different phases can be distinguished in its operation. Thanks to the 'chimney effect', there is a slight negative pressure in the external auditory canal and a vibration of the air column due to the action of the flame.

As a result, the eardrum is lightly massaged, which results in pressure regulation in the middle ear. Patients speak of a beneficial, liberating and lighter feeling in the head and ear region.

During further combustion, especially after the 'flip over' of the burned part, the heat intensifies and a slightly pulsating overpressure is created in the external auditory canal. The pleasant heat intensifies, increases peripheral blood flow, activates the immune defense system and improves the detoxifying effect of the lymphatic vessels. The vapor of the burnt herbs diffuses through the eardrum and reaches the middle ear, the vestibular system, the cochlea and the organ of Corti.

The vapor of the herbs passes through the eardrum and reaches the middle ear, the vestibular system, mouth, nose and pharynx. There it can give an extra effect. The ear candle treatment has a soothing effect on the entire ear area.

Beware of counterfeiting! These ear candles are often imitated but never equaled. Candles soaked in paraffin are particularly dubious. Paraffin is a petroleum product and contains harmful substances.

Only the Biosun oorkaarsen can be used daily without any problem. These are made from 100% natural raw materials.

Application of ear candles

When the ear candle is lit, a slight negative pressure is created, the so-called chimney effect, which creates a slightly sucking effect on the ear. The natural movement of the flame creates vibrations that, together with the heat, have an effect on the eardrum and ear canal. This stimulates blood circulation in the ear, so that waste products are removed faster.

During the over candle treatment you hear a rustling sound, some call it the sound of the sea or a crackling fire. The ear candle treatment therefore has a relaxing effect on both ears.

History of ear candles.

The ear candle has been around for centuries. It is not exactly known where the origin of the ear candle comes from. Traces have been found in the steppe peoples of Siberia, Mongolia and Asia. But also with South American Hopi Indians.

Ancient rock paintings have been found showing that ear candles were used in medicinal ceremonies and other rituals. The Hopi Indians are responsible for making the ear candle known in Europe.

Ear candles vs cotton buds.

Many people still use cotton swabs. With cotton swabs, you push earwax deeper into your ear when you clean your ears. Do you suffer from earwax a lot? Then only carefully remove the excess earwax at the edge of the ear.

You can get some over candle Trying treatments to see if the earwax decreases, this can have a positive effect on the production of earwax. Do you continue to suffer from a lot of earwax? Too much earwax can indicate bile problems. Have it checked with your doctor!

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