Een tennisarm behandelen met medische tape

Treating tennis elbow with medical tape

A tennis elbow, called tennis elbow or epicondylitis lateral can often be very annoying. It is a very common condition. If a tennis elbow starts to radiate through the outside of the elbow to the forearm and the extensors of the wrist, this can be painful and take months. Have you ever experienced this? Do you wonder how you can prevent tennis elbow or what could help with tennis elbow? Here you can read more about treating tennis elbow by using the medical kinesio tape† Taping with elbow and treating tennis elbow with tape can we fight pain?


What is a tennis elbow?

The myth: tennis elbow is due to the sport of tennis is not completely correct. In reality it occurs by making wrong movements with your arm several times and/or in succession. Usually with the dominant arm. In addition, a tennis elbow can appear due to complaints from the neck or shoulder. The muscles in the forearm are then overloaded.
While playing tennis, players continuously strain one arm. This condition has therefore been identified for the first time in players of this sport. In addition to straining the arm and elbow during exercise, tennis elbow is often caused by daily activities such as long typing, treadmill work or painting.
The overload causes small hairline cracks in the muscle tendon connective tissue. At the same time, inflammation also develops that mainly causes pain on the outside of the elbow. The pain sometimes extends to the forearm, wrist, hand and fingers. Use of tennis tape, medical kinesio tape or sports tape can prevent this and reduce the pain.
Some symptoms of tennis elbow include a painful or irritated feeling on the outside of the elbow. A red or often warm under skin and also the aforementioned pain that extends to the wrist and fingers. With severe pain, you may also have difficulty squeezing the hand and moving the arm.

What can you do with medical tape to prevent tennis elbow?

medical tape can help prevent tennis elbow pain. 85% of the pain sensors are located on the epidermis. The tape is applied to the skin for the purpose of stretching the muscles and joints. This frees up more space in the subcutaneous tissue, which promotes the flow of blood. Regularly, when using the tape, a reduced pain is experienced immediately.
When the tape is properly applied, ridges appear on the skin. These are called convolutions. When this happens, it can quickly be assumed that the muscle(s) are relaxing. Convolutions are a sign that the muscle is relaxing, reducing pain. This effect is often noticed immediately.

Taping a tennis elbow or tennis elbow?

Now that you know that medical tape can help reduce pain from tennis elbow or tennis elbow, you also want to do something about it yourself. on our website you will find all types of tape in stock 24 hours a day, ordered before 15:00, shipped the same day. Did you buy the right medical tape and have it ready? The first step is to extend the arm forward. Stick the first piece of tape from the back of the hand to the elbow. Then press it well. Make sure the tape sticks well. Gentlemen do not have to worry about a hair removal effect.

Cross the already placed tape with the next piece of tape. In a diagonal direction, cut the tape from the outside of the elbow to halfway down the inside of the forearm. A tip here is to measure the tape before sticking. Doesn't self-taping help to relieve the pain radiating to the forearm? Then it is advisable to contact a medical specialist.

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