Collection: Acute Kinesiology Tape

Acute Kinesiology Tape

Acutop Kinesio Tape is a widely used brand among physiotherapists and athletes. The classic is our best-selling variant. Acutop Classic Kinesio Tape is a super-elastic, soft-touch tape made of cotton and elastane. Due to its elasticity, the tape is easy to apply to the skin. In most applications, a bonding time of 4 to 7 days can be expected.

Acutop Premium Kinesio Tape has a different composition than the Classic variant. Because the Premium variant consists of 97% cotton and 3% elastane, it has increased wearing comfort and a longer bonding time (5-8 days). It is widely used among athletes.

That's why Acutop!

  • A widely used tape among professionals.
  • Latex free and super elastic.
  • Excellent adhesive strength and good skin compatibility.
  • Breathable and particularly water resistant, suitable for heavily sweating users.
  • Pleasant wearing comfort.
  • Stretchability up to 140%
  • The tape is a Medical Device Class I and complies with European MDR legislation.
  • CE certified.

How Acutop Kinesio Tape works

 Correct application and the above properties create a lifting effect on the upper skin. This causes pressure reduction, which means that Acutop has an influence on:

  • Support joint function
  • Stimulate blood and lymph circulation
  • Improving muscle function and skin structure
  • Pain Relief
  • (Post) treatment of injuries (to the musculoskeletal system)

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