Moxa & Thermotherapie

Moxibustion, also known as moxatherapy or moxen, is a form of therapy from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It describes the process of burning off special points on the body by moxa (mugwort).

Moxibustion - how it works

The term moxibustion is made up of the Japanese word for the dried fibers of the mugwort herb "Mog(u)sa" and the Latin word "Combustio" (to burn). During moxibustion, small amounts of dried, fine mugwort fibers (moxa) are burned off at specific therapy points on the so-called meridians. While some points are used for burn therapy, others are traditionally reserved for acupuncture. Mugwort has long been used as a medicinal and aromatic plant in the (Far) East and West. The leaves are dried, cleaned, grated and processed into a fine, light cotton wool. In traditional Chinese medicine, the heat from the smoldering moxa is believed to affect the meridian system.

Moxatherapie helps with many physical and mental complaints. This is due to the relaxed feeling that the therapy provides immediately. And then it stimulates your muscles. This works well if you have problems with, for example, digestion, cramps or lack of energy. And it works very well for sore and stiff muscles and rheumatic complaints.