KT Kinesiotape breaks new ground in treating sports injuries!


KT Kinesiotape is a revolutionary sports medicine solution for treating and preventing common sports injuries such as ITBS, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, knee pain and more. Ultralight, stretchy and strong, KT Tape is highly effective at providing pain relief, stability and support, and faster recovery of injured or sore muscles and joints - without sacrificing comfort or range of motion. 

KT Kinesiotape is easy to use and easy to apply. Most common wound applications require only two strips of tape, and each box of tape comes with step-by-step instructions. Note-specific video instructions (1-2 minutes long) for common applications are also available on the KT Tape website. (https://www.kttape.com/pub/media/instructions/English-US-Instruction.pdf)

It is designed for professional athletes, Olympians and active people around the world who take health and fitness seriously and refuse to stop exercising, playing or living active and free. The design is minimalist, the results are magical.

KT Kinesiotape PRO breaks new ground in treating sports injuries

According to sports physicians, the application of Kinesio KT Tape PRO is the best way to treat and prevent the most common sports injuries. KT Kinesiotape PRO is particularly light, elastic and strong, making the treatment of ITBS, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, etc. very effective and pain relieving. It helps speed up the recovery of sore muscles and joints while maintaining freedom of movement.

KT Kinesiotape PRO is water resistant and quick drying.

KT Kinesotape PRO can be worn in the shower, in the pool or while doing water sports. The synthetic performance fibers are quick drying and water resistant. It offers superior strength, stretch and recoil. KT Tape PRO also contains an adhesive that ensures that the tape stays in place for 4 to 7 days. KT Kinesiotape PRO contains fibers that have a stronger elastic core than Kinesiotape with a cotton core. As a result, muscles, joints and tendons are better supported without restricting comfort and freedom of movement.

Why athletes choose Kinesio KT Tape PRO.

  • Durable 100% synthetic fabric is highly breathable
  • Flexible support to maintain full range of motion
  • Remains on the skin through sweat and moisture
  • Comfortable to wear up to 7 days
  • KT Tape Pro is available in pre-cut and uncut variants

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